Jul 16

Twink Connection: Taylor Coleman and Trevor Harris

“Twink Connection” is a special new series much like “True Hollywood Stories,” but with WAY more cock! We take you behind the scenes and into the delectably dirty minds of our most magnificent models! Taylor Coleman and Trevor Harris reminisce about meeting each other for the first time, share stories from their first scene together in our epic mini series “Winter Break,” and even discuss which body part they love on one another! Talking about Taylor’s talent for fucking Hard gets Harris so horny we had to pause the interview and get down to the get down! The heat on set as the guys kiss and strip on another down is intense! Taylor takes the art of the tease to the next level as he restrains his desire to gulp down Harris’ humongous hog. He takes his time, kissing Trevor’s dick through his drawers while looking up at the squirming horn dog with that pretty fuck me boy face of his. When the teasing twink finally does down that dick, the thirsty fucker makes it worth the wait! He owns Trevor’s ample appendage with deep throat dips down to the base and balls! The boys stand up and we can see that phat ass Colman’s been working out, which Trevor talked about during his interview. He pantses the pretty boy and quickly gets to work on his wang. Harris then hops back up on the bed, hikes his heels to the heavens, and Taylor tongue punches his tight pucker, priming that perfect posterior for a punishing pounding. Coleman does NOT disappoint! He wails on Harris hole hard as hell, just as the dude desired. After delivering some devastating dick, Coleman’s ready to get cock rocked by Harris’ huge hammer. He hops up on the sky high tower of power, spreads his amazing ass, and sucks every inch of that incredible cock into his hole! Harris cups those phat cheeks he’s so fond of, helping the hottie get the most out of this raw ride. The dick brings bottom boy to the breaking point and he shoots his load all over Mr. Big Cock’s chest. Horned up beyond belief, Trevor instructs his dick bitch where to go; then, he nuts all over Coleman’s cheek and outstretched tongue! The two twink’s share a spunk covered kiss before Trevor milks the last cum drops from Harris’ meaty member with his mouth.

Jul 16

Young Asian Threesome

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Blown In Public Places

Jul 13

Nathan Hunt: New Beginning

Hello everyone, My name is Nathan Hunt and I have never been a webcam model before and this is a whole new beginning for me. I have never really done anything like this before. Like I have sent naughty photo’s and videos to some guy friends but never thought I could make a show of it.I just wanted to say thank you for checking me out and I look forward to seeing you in my chatroom sometime soon.Love AlwaysNathan Hunt

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